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5 Top Uses Of Financed Trucks For Business

5 Top Uses Of Financed Trucks For Business

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What are the uses of financed trucks for business?

  1. Retain your savings and cash
  2. Purchase your trucks instantaneously
  3. Choose from pre-owned or brand new
  4. Easy application and fast approval
  5. Structured repayment schedule

Whether you are in the trucking business or not, you might have considered buying this vehicle to make your operations more efficient. But if you decide to save up for one, it might take years to purchase a truck. It also requires a lot of money, so you would have to deplete your savings. On the other hand, financing is a smarter way to make your purchase. Keep on reading for the uses of financed trucks for business.

Retain Your Savings And Cash

When it comes to business, having cash on hand is vital. You need it to pay for rent, stocks, employees, and more. It’s also good to have a fallback when your company faces emergencies and unplanned downtime. You also need to take into account the maintenance costs of the truck. That’s why spending your savings on a big-ticket purchase might not be the wisest decision.

Instead, financing can help you purchase a truck without affecting your savings. Instead of using a huge chunk of your money in a one-time payment, you can budget the expenses over some time. You can pay the amortization little by little so you have enough money for unexpected expenses — such as truck repairs and upgrades.

Purchase Your Trucks Instantaneously

Purchase Your Trucks Instantaneously

Not all business owners have enough capital to purchase a large expense such as a truck. That’s why it might make sense to save up for one and buy it later to avoid debt and interest fees. But the question here is, what if you need a new truck right away to continue your operations? Think of the benefits you could reap by having a truck now. It could help you reach more customers, sell more products, and grow your company. In that case, purchasing one now might be the better decision.

While saving up is a good option for small purchases, it might take a tremendous amount of time before you have enough cash to buy a truck.

With financing, however, you can buy your trucks instantaneously and take full advantage of it while paying the loan back in small increments. Asialink also offers low-interest rates so you can get the best value for your money.

Choose From Pre-Owned Or Brand new

Another benefit of financing your truck is that you have the option to purchase pre-owned or brand-new models. Buying new trucks might be more expensive, but you also get a warranty and the latest features. You also don’t need to worry too much about repairs and maintenance costs because the vehicle is in unused condition.

But if you want to lower your amortization, financing institutions like Asialink can help you finance trucks up to 15 years old. If you’re looking for pre-owned trucks, you can check out the Asialink Cars website for a variety of options. You can sort the vehicles by brand, type, and location. When you find a truck that fits your needs, you can send your loan applications there too. Our loan consultants will get back to you in no time at all to facilitate your loan application.

Easy Application And Fast Approval

Easy Application And Fast Approval

You might be hesitant to apply for a loan because of the long application process. But the good news is, Asialink Finance only requires a few documents before approving your request. If you’re planning to purchase a brand new truck, you can ask for a quotation from the dealer to submit with your application. For pre-owned trucks, you will need an offer to sell or purchase agreement instead.

Here are the other documents you need for a brand new and pre-owned truck financing from Asialink:

  • Filled out application form
  • OR/CR
  • Latest photo of the vehicle
  • Proof of income
  • TIN

One benefit of financing your truck with Asialink is the fast application process. After submitting all your requirements and finalizing the loan with the personnel, it can be approved in as fast as one day.

Structured Repayment Schedule

If you’re still hesitant to purchase a truck with financing, one of your worries might be how to manage the loan. But a financing institution like Asialink can help you work out a loan term that will fit your income and goals so you can comfortably pay the monthly dues without problems. If you have a higher budget, you also have the option to go for a shorter loan term so you can settle it faster. Other than that, a long term is also possible so you can lower your amortization.

Other than the flexible loan terms, Asialink also offers multiple channels where you can settle your amortization:

  • Offline and Online Partner Payment Centers Nationwide (Cebuana Lhuillier, BDO, G-Cash, 7-11, TrueMoney, and more)
  • Asialink Website
  • Payment Centers For OFWs (PayRemit, RCBC Telepay, Bayad Center Online)

Key Takeaway

Financing your truck is a great way to maintain your savings and use the vehicle sooner. Fortunately, Asialink offers low-interest loans, only requires a few documents, and can approve your application in as fast as one day. A loan consultant can also help you find the best loan term that will fit your budget so you can pay your amortization the best way possible.

Now that you know the uses of financed trucks for business, you can apply for a loan here at Asialink! Our process is simple, fast, and easy, allowing every Filipino business owner in need to have their very own truck.