DFA warns public vs. bogus visa assistance in Korea

The Philippine Embassy in Seoul warned the public against fake visa processing services offered to irregular migrants, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said in an advisory issued on Monday.

Usually advertised on Facebook, these services claim to provide assistance to Filipinos who would like to have a valid visa, enabling them to work and stay in Korea legally.

According to DFA, these services should be provided for “free” or for a “small” attorney’s fee.

“Please note that there is no such service allowed by Korean authorities,” the advisory read.

The DFA said the Korea Immigration Service (KIS) does not process the visa applications of irregular and undocumented migrants based in Korea.

“Members of the Filipino community are encouraged to advise kababayans not to entertain these schemes, nor spread these in social media,” DFA said.

In June, Korean Ambassador to the Philippines Han Dong-Man said the South Korean government is making the country more accessible to Filipino tourists by reducing the number of requirements for visa applications. —Joviland Rita/KG, GMA News