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Start investing your money in loans today to avoid the pitfalls of being indebted for life. With a financing company for OFWs like Asialink Finance Corporation, you will have no worries assisting in the medications and hospitalization of suffering family members, sending your children to well-established private institutions, and achieving your aspirations.


Elements of a Reliable financing Company

Elements Of A Reliable Lending Company

What do you look for in a financing company? Is it a lenient process or accessibility? If you are not able to determine the important factors to consider in choosing a financing company, below are some essential elements of a financing company for OFWs that could serve as your basis.


Excellent Customer Service

A reliable financing company is able to provide you with unparalleled customer service. One that would go the extra mile to serve you and provide you with all your needs and requirements. With Asialink Finance Corporation, you are given the utmost respect and attention. Your queries, as well as issues, are given the best and most suitable resolutions.


Convenient Loan Products

When choosing a financing company, make sure to confirm the loan types offered. You must be able to have both collateral and non-collateral options. Take note that you are entitled to receive such loan services provided that you have the application requirements. Most of the time, proof of visa and employment are included in the list of requirements. Make sure you have everything on hand for a faster application process.


Accessible Location

Asialink Finance Corporation understands the crisis of traveling from one city to another to avail loan services. With that, the financing company for OFW established several branches scattered from city to city in all regions. Regardless of whether you are in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao, expect a branch within your reach.


Plenty of Payment Options

Payment options for loans are made easy with a few particular partnerships with bayad centers. With Asialink Finance Corporation, paying for your loans and locating a bayad center is made easier. MLhuillier, Meralco Bayad Center, Cebuana Lhuillier, BDO Unibank, Union Bank, ecPAY, and true money are Asialink Finance Corporation’s partner bayad centers. With that, the need to commute and visit banks or branches is eliminated. You can easily access payment through establishments right around the corner.


Unparalleled Services and Loans Provided

Obtain an accessible, fast, and convenient loaning process provided by a trusted and reliable financing company for OFWs. Whether you are looking to increase your savings for education purposes, property acquisition, or for establishing a business, your best option remains seeking advice from a company that offers loaning services. At Asialink Finance Corporation, you will receive the following loan options:


OFW Loans

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From second-hand car purchases to business loans, OFWs can receive a handful of assistance from a financing company with minimal and lenient requirements. To avail the services, the borrower must be an OFW traveling in and out of the country with a monthly basic salary of PHP20,000 and above. As proof, the borrower needs to bring a few requirements such as a POEA-validated latest contract, copies of visa and passport, OEC receipt, and flight details.


Collateral Loans

This type of loan is protected by an asset pledged by the borrower in exchange for an amount of the same value. Car registrations and land titles are naturally the assets used by loan borrowers for immediate cash.

Non-Collateral Loans

Collateral loans are your easiest ticket to obtain cash to make ends meet. You will only need requirements like proof of residence, income, and identity. Regardless of whether you are in the initial stage of employment or looking for funding for your next flight, financial assistance remains your short term solution.


Advantages of Loans for OFWs

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It is a common misconception that once you work overseas and receive better wages, you are freed from debt. Although it is quite true that some OFWs are paid well, there are blue-collar workers who only receive minimum wage. With a lot of expenses such as sending children to school, aging care for parents, and other financial responsibilities, it is only suitable to obtain financing. If your financial status restricts you from doing your responsibilities, choose to apply for a loan from a financing company for OFWs like Asialink Finance Corporation. Here are some of the advantages you will obtain in the process.


Repay Costs for Job Placement

Working abroad for many Filipinos is considered an investment. Time with family is given up in return for earning a living for them. Conversely, money is invested to process application, airfare, and other expenses related to traveling abroad including medical exams, document preparations, visa and government fees. With the kind of system in the Philippines, considering the traffic from one government establishment to another, you will never be able to accomplish everything in a day.

This kind of experience is emotionally and physically draining. Especially for someone who is uncertain of their future abroad. The worries of committing oneself to a job they dislike can also get into the mind of an OFW. Moreover, the what-ifs start pouring. Some applicants would even have to sell properties, vehicles, and livestock to finance their application which can be crippling and exhausting. Once abroad, OFWs realize their humble monthly wages are not sufficient to repay costs. With that, a financing company for OFWs remains their best option to get out of the vicious cycle of being indebted.


To Finance Education

With the yearly drastic increase in education in the Philippines, it has become one of the many reasons why Filipinos choose to work abroad. Despite all the hard work, Filipinos still find it difficult to finance enrollment time with a few months’ worth of salary. Registration alone already covers soaring costs and even more if there are plenty of books required. Often, OFWs are forced to transfer their children to inexpensive public schools coming from a private institution due to the insufficient financial funds. The decision is considered one of the most heartbreaking reality of OFWs.

In light of all the financial difficulties brought about by insufficient funds, an OFW can still pursue sending their children to private schools with the aid of a loan. With Asialink Finance Corporation, access to money comes with flexible and generous deals. The wishful thinking of sending children to a great school where learning is incomparable becomes a reality for many OFWs.


Fulfilling Family Dreams

Aside from sending their children to well-established private institutions, obtaining a dream house and lot as well as a car are among the aspirations of every Filipino working abroad. To have a secure contract for working abroad is a means for financial support that helps fulfill their aspirations. A house is an investment; Filipinos wish to achieve which they consider a fruitful result of working abroad for years.

With the vision of owning a property and vehicle, the OFWs are partly the reason why the real estate industry is also growing in the Philippines. The demand for property entitlements like condo units and land made by Filipinos working abroad remains a factor in the increase of towering condominiums and developed lands where houses can be erected by land title owners. With this, a housing loan program with Asialink Finance Corporation is almost necessary for OFWs to realize their visions.


For Emergency Money

In case of emergencies and accidents that occur to their families in the Philippines, OFWs often rely on loaning their expensive belongings to pawnshops. These are hasty decisions made by conservative OFWs that do not see the importance and advantages of loaning from a financing company. Decisions like these bury OFWs in debt. Especially if the medical conditions experienced by their family members are prolonged and require continuous medication.

With this, they must start investing their money on loans to avoid the pitfalls of being indebted for life due to assisting in the medications and hospitalization of suffering family members in the Philippines. In addition to all that, savings for other financial responsibilities like education and property acquisition will remain untouched if a loan is placed prior to an emergency need.


To Finance a Homegrown Business

It is natural for Filipinos to come back home once they have saved up plenty of resources to fund a sustainable business. Being an OFW can be a lifelong career for other Filipinos. Yet feeling homesick is often the reason why others choose to work and save up for a chance to return back home. With this, Filipinos working abroad envision establishing a livelihood business that is able to fully support the needs of their family without requiring them to work abroad the next time around.

With this kind of vision, applying for a cash loan that will serve as seed money to begin a business remains a great and viable option for many OFWs.


For the Welfare of Extended Family

Filipinos are naturally supportive of all the needs of their families and even their relatives. Known for extremely close family ties, despite adversities and misunderstandings between extended families, Filipinos relentlessly provide financial assistance. With this, applying for loans remains a sustainable source of funding for extending help to relatives.


Obtain your loan today with Asialink Finance Corporation, a reliable financing company for OFWs

When it comes to online loans in the Philippines, we provide nothing short of world-class service. Regardless of whether you are looking to fund your personal aspirations or fulfilling the dreams of your family, obtaining a loan from a financing company for OFWs remains your most viable and suitable option. From OFW loans that require collaterals as well as loans with non-collateral requisites, Asialink Finance Corporation can provide you with excellent and unparalleled assistance.

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