Do You Need An Asialink Loan? Here Are The Documents You Need!

Do You Need An Asialink Loan? Here Are The Documents You Need!

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Documents that You Need to Apply for an Asialink Loan

  1. Completely Filled Out Application Form
  2. Proof Of Income
  3. Proof Of TIN
  4. OR/CR Registration
  5. Latest Picture Of Vehicle
  6. Franchise And Permits (For PUV/PUJ/Taxi/Tricycle Loan)
  7. Offer To Sell/Purchase Agreement

If you’re looking for fast cash, banks may not really be the best option. With numerous documents and a lengthy application process, you might not get what you need in time. Fortunately, an online financing company in the Philippines can provide you instant funds with fewer requirements needed. If you have all your Asialink loan documents ready, you can expect approval in as fast as one day! Interested? Keep on reading to learn more.

Completely Filled Out Application Form

Completely Filled Out Application Form

Asialink Finance offers multiple financing options depending on your situation. But to get qualified for them all, the first thing you need is a filled-out application form. If you’re applying in person, you can fill them out at any branch near you.

Fortunately, offices are located in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. You can also download the form in advance for faster processing. But if you prefer to stay at home, the good news is you can also apply online. Just fill out the necessary fields, then you’re ready to submit!

Proof Of Income

After filling up the application form, you also need to secure proof of income. If you’re currently employed by a company, you can ask for a copy of your recent payslips and certificate of employment. Other than that, you can also submit a copy of your Income Tax Return (ITR). With all these, you have a stronger case of showing your capacity to pay.

But if you’re self-employed or have a business, a copy of your Department Of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) registrations will be accepted. Aside from these documents, you can also submit your latest audited financial statement or ITR.

Proof Of TIN

Proof Of TIN

Next, all financing options from Asialink also require your tax identification number (TIN). This one’s easy, because you already have this when you’re employed by a company. If you forgot to take note of this number, you can ask your company’s human resource or accounting department.

For self-employed individuals, if you don’t have a TIN, you can apply at the BIR Website! This will be beneficial for your future financing plans.

OR/CR Registration

Now that you have the basics, you can now gather the documents for your collateral. Fortunately, at Asialink Finance, you can secure a loan without giving up your vehicle! All you need is to submit your Original Receipt and Certificate of Registration (OR/CR) for the following financing options:

  • Car mortgage
  • Truck mortgage
  • PUV/PUJ/Taxi Loan
  • Tricycle Loan
  • Multicab loan
  • Motorcycle loan
  • Car financing
  • Truck financing

This way, you are at peace of mind regarding your vehicle. For financing assistance in buying a brand new or pre-owned car, the car registration and official receipt are also needed.

Latest Picture Of Vehicle

Latest Picture Of Vehicle

You probably have your OR/CR with you already, so the next thing you need to gather is the latest picture of your vehicle. This is easy because you can take a picture of your vehicle anytime you have it with you. Open your camera app and take some clear snaps at different angles from the front, rear and sides!

Other than that, make sure to take vivid images of the wheels, underside, trunk, engine, and interiors. If you have shaky hands, get the help of someone with good picture-taking skills. But if you’re buying a car or a truck, you can ask the dealership for these photos.

Franchise And Permits (For PUV/PUJ/Taxi/Tricycle Loan)

If you’re going for a car, truck, multicab, or motorcycle mortgage, then you’re set! All you need is to submit all the previous requirements and wait for them to be processed. But if you’re applying for a collateral loan for your commercially used vehicles, you need an additional requirement. Don’t worry because this one’s also easy to acquire.

For PUV, PUJ, or Taxi mortgage, you probably already have your franchise or permit to operate with you. If you’re using your tricycle as collateral, all you need is a copy of your motorized tricycle operator’s permit. After securing this document, you can submit everything and wait for your approval!

Offer To Sell/Purchase Agreement

Offer To Sell/Purchase Agreement

But if you’re looking for financing assistance to buy a pre-owned car or truck, you need an offer to sell or purchase agreement. If you already have a specific vehicle in mind, it won’t be difficult to generate this document. All you need to do is contact the seller regarding the sale.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a brand new vehicle, you need an official quotation for the car or truck. You can ask your dealer about this and they will gladly help you. In addition to the previous documents, all you need to do is submit all your requirements and you’re all set!

Key Takeaway

Depending on your financing option, the Asialink loan documents you need to get approved may vary. But with only a few requirements, you won’t have to stress out during your application. This way, you can get approved as fast as one day!

If you’re interested in applying for any financing services, check out the loans offered by Asialink Finance Corporation! Contact us for additional questions and inquiries.

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