New Year, New Rates: Financing Discounts To Celebrate The Year of the Ox

New Year, New Rates: Financing Discounts To Celebrate The Year of the Ox

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What are Asialink Finance Corporation’s financing discounts for 2021?

  1. Reduced monthly interest for Car Mortgage
  2. Lower interest rates for Truck Mortgage
  3. Cheaper interest for Pre-owned Car and Truck Financing
  4. Economical interest rates for Real Estate Mortgage
  5. More affordable processing fees

Ushering in the Year of the Ox this 2021, Asialink Finance Corporation is offering their best Chinese New Year financing discounts yet!

Luck is definitely on your side with these advantageous deals to get your dream car or secure additional financing for your personal and business needs. The best thing is the promise of easy application with 1-day approval.

Read on to know more!

Reduced Monthly Interest For Car Mortgage

Reduced Monthly Interest For Car Mortgage

Stop wondering if you need to let go of your car once you apply for a car mortgage. At Asialink, you only need to sangla your car’s OR/CR. Yes, you can keep your precious baby.

What’s better is that now, the monthly interest rate for both new and renewal accounts for car year models 2005 and above have dropped to 1.25% with a maximum term of up to 36 months.

Do note that a comprehensive insurance is required for above Php 500,000 loan approval, which Asialink can easily assist you with as well.

So, ready your car, contact Asialink and set an appointment with the nearest branch to get your unit inspected, have your stencil recorded and submit your requirements to get the money you need.

Lower Interest Rates For Truck Mortgage

Business owners are also in for a greater deal!

If you own a 15 years old unit or newer truck, you can now sangla its OR/CR for a lower interest rate of 1.30% with a maximum term of 36 months.

Easily get that additional financing assistance to supplement your operational requirements by providing the necessary documents, have the unit inspected and your stencil recorded.

A comprehensive insurance and a co-borrower are required for loans above Php 500,000. Other accounts may also need a co-borrower when deemed necessary by Asialink’s credit officer.

Cheaper Interest For Pre-Owned Car And Truck Financing

Cheaper Interest For Pre-Owned Car And Truck Financing

Year of the Ox babies are said to be hardworking and reliable but no matter what year you are born in, you need to get a personal car to keep yourself safe from the dangers of commuting during this pandemic.

Meanwhile, businesses who are aiming to expand their fleet or service vehicles don’t have to think twice with Asialink’s financing plan to get that additional truck.

For a maximum term of 36 months, you can now get as low as 1.10% interest rate for units that are 15 years old and newer! So, stop procrastinating and contact Asialink now.

Economical Interest Rates For Real Estate Mortgage

If you are still in search for the best collateral loan using your real estate property, look no further because Asialink Finance Corporation has lowered its monthly interest rate down to 1.25% with a maximum term of up to 60 months.

Residential, condominium and commercial units in key cities may avail of this with an add on option for processing fee and credit risk fee (CRF).

To process your application, the spouse needs to be the co-borrower. Meanwhile, applicants who are single may also nominate his immediate family member as his co-borrower.

A fire insurance coverage for improvement is also required for loan approvals above Php 500,000. Do note that the appraisal fee varies per area and is also non-refundable.

More Affordable Processing Fees

More Affordable Processing Fees

On top of having lower interest rates, Asialink Finance Corporation has also significantly lowered their processing fees for car, truck and real estate mortgage!

Enjoy more savings with both of these financial discounts combined! The money saved can go a long way for your financial plan or can even be allocated for your ‘ang pao’ to bring more fortune and good luck.

To reward the loyalty of renewal accounts, Asialink dropped the processing fee from 5% to 3% for car and truck sangla accounts. Meanwhile, real estate accounts have also levelled the 4% to a 3% processing fee.

New accounts are also in for a reasonable drop from 5% to 4% processing fee for all car, truck and real estate mortgage.

Key Takeaway

The Year of the Ox is indeed more prosperous with Asialink Finance Corporation’s Chinese New Year financing discounts. With lower interest rates and cheaper processing fees, you will save more money while receiving enough cash and financing assistance for your personal or business needs.

If you’re interested in applying for these, you can send your application here. You don’t need to wait long because processing is fast and easy. After you submit your documents, you can be approved as fast as one day! For questions and inquiries, you may also send them here.

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