7 Benefits Of A Motorcycle Loan: Why You Need One

7 Benefits Of A Motorcycle Loan: Why You Need One

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What are the benefits of a motorcycle loan?

  1. Instant and fast cash
  2. Few requirements needed
  3. Online or offline application
  4. Least processing time needed
  5. Keep your two-wheeled drive
  6. Easy payment with low-interest rates
  7. Different payment modes available

From jobs to businesses—the pandemic has impacted a lot of Filipino’s lives. This is the reason why people are looking for financial assistance. But with numerous loan sharks and fake lending companies everywhere, some people are hesitant to transact online. This is why companies such as Asialink and RCBC are providing personal and business financing solutions during this tough time. And one of them is a motorcycle loan. Continue reading to find out how a motorcycle loan benefits those who are applying for it.

Instant And Fast Cash

Instant And Fast Cash

Not all people own a car—especially low-income Filipinos. One of the most popular ways for people to get around in the country is through a motorcycle. Whether it’s going to the office or delivering food, most Filipinos prefer this small but capable vehicle to travel. But in times of need, did you know that you can also rely on a two-wheeled means of transport?

Financing company Asialink Finance Corporation and commercial bank RCBC are two companies in the Philippines that have teamed up to provide instant funds for your needs! Through the DiskarTech App, you can apply for a motorcycle loan so you can respond to emergency needs during a tough situation in your life, or simply have enough cash for short-term needs.

Few Requirements Needed

One of the main obstructions for underbanked Filipinos is the number of requirements required by most financing institutions. This is the reason why most people resort to loan sharks. But this doesn’t end well as these opportunists offer high-interest rates and undefined loan terms.

But with Asialink Financing Corporation, you can secure financing assistance by using your motorcycle as collateral. All you need is the completely filled-up application form, your OR/CR, the latest picture of your motorcycle, and a documented source of income. In just a few steps, you can already avail of fast cash for your needs.

Online Or Offline Transaction

Online Or Offline Transaction

With the situation nowadays, most people are hesitating to go out. For this reason, most Filipinos are looking for convenient financing assistance online. But how would you know if you’re transacting with a legitimate institution?

To help you, Asialink Finance Corporation, a Securities And Exchange Commission-registered business, and RCBC, an established bank in the Philippines, have partnered through the DiskarTech App. One of the services offered online is a motorcycle loan! All you need to do is create an account on the mobile app. After that, you can manage your savings and secure financial assistance online. If you prefer to transact offline, you can also visit Asialink branches located nationwide.

Least Processing Time Needed

Whether you need groceries to feed your family or funds for your business to survive—every day that passes can lead to empty stomachs or late payment penalties accumulating. Not many people will understand your problems so it is up to you as the breadwinner or business owner to find a reliable source of cash to solve your concerns.

Asialink Finance Corporation, RCBC, and their employees are doing the best they can to provide both low-income families and business owners the least processing time for their applications. With this, you can have your funds in as fast as one day.

Keep Your Two-Wheeled Drive

Keep Your Two-Wheeled Drive

Many Filipinos fear the idea of using their properties as collateral for financial assistance. They won’t know if their motorcycle is being used by other people or whether it is being taken care of properly. Once they pay for the loan terms, how will they know if their vehicle can be used again?

The good news is, Asialink Finance Corporation offers their financing assistance in exchange for only your OR/CR. This way, you don’t have to give up your vehicle. You can keep your motorcycle with you for added safety and assurance.

Easy Payment With Low-Interest Rates

Many people get stuck in debt because of loans with high-interest rates. Instead of helping them get through a tough time in their life, this gives them another burden to get rid of. If your salary or monthly income isn’t enough to cover both the loan amount and the sky-high interest rates, you could accumulate penalties.

As a part of their commitment to catering to low-income Filipinos, Asialink Finance Corporation offers low-interest rates for their financing services. This way, you can compute it as a part of your monthly budget and settle it in no time at all.

Different Payment Methods Available

Different Payment Methods Available

Sometimes, a strict payment option can affect your daily plans. A bank may be closed or the payment institution is too far away from your home. If you’re working multiple shifts or manning your business for the majority of the day, this makes it hard for you to manage your payment.

But because Asialink Finance Corporation has partnered with RCBC through the DiskarTech App, you can settle your motorcycle financial assistance payments through your smartphone. You can deposit your payments with numerous partner establishments such as 7-Eleven, Bayad Center outlets, pawnshops, and more! If you have another mobile bank or a mobile wallet, you can also transfer money without the hassle.

Key Takeaway

Most of you probably own a motorcycle to travel for personal or business purposes. Having this asset in with you, you can experience motorcycle loan benefits from Asialink Finance Corporation and RCBC. That’s why if you need instant cash for any purpose—whether it’s to buy groceries, settle the rent, or pay for hospital bills—you can rely on these two legitimate institutions in these tough times. All you need to do is download the DiskarTech app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and you’re all set to apply for loans from the country’s best online financer.

Gab Doromal