6 Business Ideas You Can Start With Financing While Staying At Home

6 Business Ideas You Can Start With Financing While Staying At Home

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What are some business ideas you can start while at home?

  1. Online sari-sari store business
  2. Homemade food business
  3. Plants and gardening business
  4. Aromatherapy and soap making business
  5. Writing and graphic design freelancing
  6. Virtual classes on different topics

With stricter quarantine protocols, the threat of newer COVID-19 variants, and work-from-home setups, people are encouraged to stay at home. Some have lost their main source of income again while others are finding more ways to gather funds to support their family. If you want to stay safe while earning, you could start a business from the comforts of your home. Explore your talents, take the risks, and get help from an online financing company in the Philippines. Keep on reading for some business ideas while staying at home!

Online Sari-Sari Store Business

Online Sari-Sari Store Business

The rise and decline of COVID-19 cases can be unpredictable. You’ll never know when a lockdown or stricter quarantine facilities will be announced. When this happens, most people will prioritize their health by purchasing their essentials online or from their neighborhood. This could be an opportunity for you to start your own online sari-sari store business.

If you’re short on capital and don’t have the good credit standing to borrow money from a bank, Asialink can help you with our collateral loans. All you need to do is Sangla your OR/CR while keeping your vehicle and you can get instant funds fast so you can purchase goods for your inventory!

Homemade Food Business

If you’re online, you probably see tons of home bakers and cooks selling their cinnamon rolls, cookies, pizza, and more. Most of these people started their booming business with an idea and passion for cooking. In the beginning, you will only get a few orders but as time goes by you need to upgrade your equipment to keep up with the demand.

You might save on rent because you’re operating your business at home but you need to invest in equipment that can supply the growing demand. Fortunately, your problem can be solved with financing! At Asialink, loan consultants can help you find a loan term that will be suitable to your financial capacity and goals. This way, you don’t have to save up for kitchen equipment and instead purchase them now so you can grow your business.

Plant And Gardening Business

Plant And Gardening Business

One of the most popular activities people do at home during the pandemic is taking care of plants. If you have a passion for gardening, you can take advantage of this to start a business from your home. All you need is some free time to cultivate the seeds, an outdoor space, and patience — which you already have if you’re a home gardener.

But one of the most important things to consider when selling plants online is the shipping You might be able to deliver small plants through third-party couriers, but bigger ones require special care. As your business grows, you can invest in an in-house delivery van. With financing, you can purchase brand-new or choose pre-owned ones here.

Aromatherapy And Soap Making Business

If you’re looking to make extra money at the side while you have a day job, one of the best options is the aromatherapy and soap-making business. It could start as a hobby so you will only need a small capital. For instance, if you’re into candle-making, you can find a starter kit online for less than a thousand pesos. It can be a hit because it’s a luxury that is both inexpensive and a great gift-giving idea.

But if you receive large purchase orders, you might need extra funds to purchase the supplies. For instance, some online suppliers require pre-payment. In this case, you can apply for financing to fund your purchase orders. As long as you have all the documents, you can get approved in as fast as a day so you can quickly start making soap or candle crafts for sale.

Writing And Graphic Design Freelancing

Writing And Graphic Design Freelancing

One of the perks of being a writer or a graphic designer is you can work from home. If you recently lost your main source of income during this pandemic, you can turn to your talents to start being a freelancer. It is one of the many ways to start a new business.

As a freelancer, you might have to rely on financing if you need funds for expensive computers, keyboards, and other peripherals. Asialink only requires minimal documents and you can also use your assets — such as a car or a motorcycle — to get instant funds. You can also get as low as 1.25% interest rates!

Virtual Classes On Different Topics

During the pandemic, plenty of people have lost their jobs and main source of income. This doesn’t matter if you’ve been working for a year or for 5 years. With some businesses such as salons, gyms, and airlines closing or terminating employees, many have gone home with no funds. If you’re only skilled in one craft, how can you find another job? This is where becoming an online coach becomes an opportunity.

Through this, gym instructors were able to hold their training virtually, some flight attendants became English teachers while others stemmed from their career experience to hold special virtual classes for beginners. With financing, you can invest in public-speaking classes or other instructions that will suit and allow you to improve your skills set.

Key Takeaway

If you want to start these business ideas while staying at home, you can do it through financing! With low-interest rates, fast approval, and only a few documents required, Asialink can help you start, grow, and expand your business with their loan services. You may check out the types of loans that we offer!

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