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An asian family on a roadtrip with new car

How To Apply For a Car Mortgage

  How can you apply for a car mortgage? Check if you meet the qualifications Choose the car you want to own Decide between a

Collateral assets

Advantages of a Collateral Loan

What are the advantages of a collateral loan? Higher chance of getting qualified More loan alternatives Low interest rates Higher loan amount Improves credit score

A young couple buying a foreclosed property

Tips on Buying Foreclosed Properties

What are some tips on buying foreclosed properties? Find a trusted broker Acquire all necessary information Prepare finances Personally inspect the property Visit property auctions

A sales agent present a key to a secondhand car

Is it Safe to Buy Repossessed Assets?

What are the things you should remember when buying repossessed assets? Research is important Repossessed assets are essentially second-hand assets You should inspect the asset

An OFW applying for a loan

A Guide to Asialink’s OFW Loan

What are the important details you need to know regarding Asialink’s OFW loan? You can apply for this loan even if you are already working