7 Things To Consider When Buying A Preowned Car With Asialink

7 Things To Consider When Buying A Preowned Car With Asialink

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What are the things you should consider when buying a preowned car with Asialink?

  1. Monthly budget
  2. Vehicle history report
  3. Car mileage
  4. Mechanic inspection
  5. Test-drive experience
  6. OR/CR and other documents
  7. Negotiations with the seller

You may already know the perks of having your own car but may be hesitant to splurge money on a brand new one. If you have plenty of expenses to think of but badly need a vehicle, Asialink is here to help you! With one of the most competitive interest rate offerings in the market, you will get the best value for your money. Compared to a bank, they only require a few documents and can approve your application in as fast as one day. Keep on reading for the things to consider when buying a preowned car.

Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget

If you’re considering buying a new car, you might be thinking twice about your decision. When purchasing directly from the owner, chances are high that you have to pay in full. If you’re managing a small business or budgeting your income for your family’s needs, this might seem impossible.

But with Asialink, financing experts will carefully assess your capacity to pay, helping you plan out your financing needs! This way, you don’t have to compromise your budget when you’re buying a preowned car. You can pay for the loan in monthly increments, making it easier on the wallet. Asialink also offers numerous payment options locally and internationally. And as a bonus, you can also get one of the lowest interest rates in the market!

Vehicle History Report

When you see a car you like, you can apply for financing assistance with Asialink and get approved as fast as one day! That’s why before you do so, you should first inquire about the vehicle history to ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

For example, you can verify with the LTO the plate number of your chosen car. This will give you information on the brand and model of the vehicle, the date of its most recent registration, and if it has an LTO apprehension. If you’re interested in legitimate vehicles for sale, you can also check out Asialink’s dedicated website for cars and trucks at www.asialinkcars.com. You can view vehicle specifications and apply for an online loan there!

Car Mileage

Car Mileage

Although Asialink only requires a few documents before approving your financing application, it is a good idea to inquire more about the vehicle so you can use it for a long time without any problems. Other than the vehicle history, it is also important to check specific details like the car mileage. This tells you the distance the car has traveled and gives you an idea of its condition.

To do this, you can check the car’s odometer. Newer vehicles have a digital display so you can see it easily. Along with this, you should also inspect if the gear shift, doorknobs, floor coverings, engine, and breaks have any sign of wear and tear. If they seem new, then you can be confident that you’ll be getting a low-mileage car.

Mechanic Inspection

Mechanic Inspection

If you’re a fan of older cars, the good news is Asialink can finance car year models 2005 and above. But if you want to make sure that every component of the preowned car you’re purchasing matches the price you’re being offered, it is recommended to have a mechanic with you for inspection. Even though Asialink only requires a photo of the vehicle, an inspection will help you know if the vehicle you plan to buy is worth it.

A professional technician can detect signs of impact from collisions, inspect the undercarriage of the vehicle for damage, and see symptoms of bigger problems in the engine. Whether you’re talking with a private seller or dealer, this step is a must.

Test-Drive Experience

Now that the car is inspected, you might be excited to file for financing assistance from Asialink! But before that, don’t forget to test drive the car. This allows you to assess the quality of the engine and helps you see a glimpse of the performance of the vehicle. If you forego test driving, you might regret your decision if you already own the car.

When testing the car, you should check if the dimensions fit your body frame. Are there any obstructions in your view? You should also observe strange sounds while driving. Get a feel for the gear shifter, is it easy to use? Is it too rigid? You can also ask a mechanic to sit with you for the test drive to find out if the car meets your expectations.

OR/CR And Other Documents

If you’re liking the car so far, the only thing that’s left is to acquire the documents needed for financing assistance with Asialink.

  • Filled Out Application Form
  • Official Receipt & Certificate Of Registration (OR/CR)
  • Latest Picture Of Vehicle
  • Offer To Sell/Purchase Agreement
  • Proof Of Income
  • Proof Of Tax Identification Number (TIN)

You can download the application form from the Asialink website. For the OR/CR, you need to ask the seller for a copy. This way, you can also verify if they’re the true owner of the vehicle. After that, you can both sign an offer to sell/purchase agreement.

With only a few documents needed, you’re on your way to driving your very own car! Fortunately, Asialink processes applications quickly so another buyer won’t beat you to the deal.

Negotiations With The Seller

Negotiations With The Seller

If you’ve done your research on the car properly, you now have enough information to negotiate the price with the seller. You’ll have a high chance of getting a discount from owners who need to sell their vehicles in a rush.

Combined with Asialink’s low-interest financing services, you will get the best value for your money with your pre-owned car. They will walk you through every step of the application proper.

Key Takeaway

When you decide to purchase a preloved car, you need to consider your budget first. You also need to research the vehicle history of your prospective vehicle, ask about the mileage, and have it inspected with a mechanic. A test drive is also useful. Lastly, you need official documents such as an OR/CR especially if you’re buying it with financing. Try your best to lower the price with the seller!

Now that you know the things to consider when buying a preowned car, you can apply for financing with Asialink. If you have any questions, our loan consultants are ready to help you anytime.

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