5 Ways Asialink Financing Can Help You During COVID-19

5 Ways Asialink Financing Can Help You During COVID-19

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What are the ways Asialink Financing can help you during COVID-19?

  1. Provide loans for unbanked and low-income Filipinos
  2. Utilize assets as personal emergency cash
  3. Assist small businesses that are affected by lockdowns
  4. Help settle hospital bills
  5. Reduce physical contact via online applications

With the implementation of stricter quarantine protocols and the rapid spread of the Delta Variant, Filipinos need financing help now more than ever. Some can’t work and provide for their family, businesses have to reduce operations significantly, and the number of cases is rising. Fortunately, there are many ways Asialink financing can help you during COVID. Read on to learn more.

Provide Loans For Unbanked And Low-Income Filipinos

As of 2019, there are 51 million unbanked Filipinos — the main cause being a lack of money. Other factors include lack of need for an account and not having enough documentary requirements. For account holders, the required amount to open one and maintaining balance are also some of the main considerations. But despite that, borrowing still increased, with most Filipinos asking help from family, friends, and informal lenders.

Asialink Finance can help you secure a loan affordably and easily. We offer low interest rates and only require the necessary documents, so you can secure one without problems. Don’t worry because a loan consultant can help you find the best loan service for your budget and goals, so you can pay off your amortizations in time. If you’re interested, you can take the loan pre-approval quiz to know if you’re qualified.

Utilize Assets As Personal Emergency Cash

Utilize Assets As Personal Emergency Cash

During these uncertain times, not all people have enough savings for an emergency. If all your income is being used for living expenses, saving for an emergency fund can be extremely difficult. Whether you’re unable to work for a few weeks, your family members need to be sent to the hospital or you need to reduce business operations, having extra cash can be a lifesaver.

The good news is, you can utilize your assets as personal emergency cash. Asialink offers collateral loans so you can get funds for your sudden financial needs. The benefit of this is that your vehicle won’t be taken. Instead, you can use your car, truck, PUV, PUJ, Taxi, tricycle, multicab, or motorcycle’s OR/CR as collateral so you can secure a loan.

Assist Small Businesses That Are Affected By Lockdowns

Due to stricter community quarantine protocols, not all businesses are allowed to operate. Businesses that offer personal care services such as beauty salons, barbershops, and nail spas can’t open. Restaurants are restricted to take-out orders only. You’ll never know when a new variant might appear, so this might happen a few times each year depending on the pandemic situation. Larger companies might be able to make it, but smaller businesses need extra help to survive the situation.

Fortunately, Asialink extends its arms to assist small businesses that are affected by lockdowns. We offer flexible loan terms so business owners can get lump-sum funding and settle it in monthly payments, reducing the burden. This way, you can get the financial aid you need to settle rent, your employees’ paycheck, and more.

Help Settle Hospital Bills

Help Settle Hospital Bills

With newer variants continuing to pop up, plenty of Filipinos are getting infected by the virus. For some, hospitalization is needed to live on another day. But other than its impacts on health, the virus can also affect you and your family financially. Depending on your provider, a COVID-test which is either taken through saliva or nasopharyngeal swab can cost up to 5,000 pesos. In addition to that, hospitalization due to COVID-19 can cost up to 200,000 pesos.

Getting sick is stressful for the mind, body, and finances To lessen your burden, Asialink can help you settle your medical bills so you can focus on healing and recovery. With complete documentary requirements, you can get approved for loans in as fast as one day.

Reduce Physical Contact Via Online Applications

Nowadays, plenty of Filipinos prefer online transactions because it can help them avoid exposure to the COVID-19 virus. It is also beneficial when stricter quarantine protocols are implemented and it is advisable to stay at home. The good news is, you can apply and renew a loan from the comfort of your home.

You may apply with Asialink Finance Corporation and fill the form with your personal information. If you have any questions, you can also call the landline and mobile phone contact numbers so a representative can help you. Once your loan term starts, you can also settle your amortization in several ways — both offline and online!

Key Takeaway

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for all Filipinos. Those that are unbanked and had low-income could only rely on friends, family, and informal lenders. Small business owners are struggling to survive and getting sick can be difficult without savings. Here at Asialink, we will do our best to provide you with the best rates, easy application, and a fast approval process.

If you want to know more about the ways Asialink Financing can help during COVID you can read our blog for more information!

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